A message from Glyn

Greetings friends,   After seven incredible and gratifying years at Propel Nonprofits, and over 40 years working in the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors, I am announcing my retirement at the end…

What Makes a Good Executive Director/CEO + Board Chair Relationship?

Glyn Northington is the board chair of Grantmakers in the Arts. He and Eddie Torres, GIA’s president & CEO, discuss what makes an effective chair/CEO relationship.

7 Things We’ve Learned After 10 Social Enterprise Cohorts

When done well and in-line with your mission, social enterprise can be a wonderful earned income stream that nonprofits have 100% control over. It’s the money you can take risks or pursue dreams with. But creating a social enterprise can also deplete resources – cash, staff capacity, and focus on other priorities.

The Imperative for Change

The statement below was issued by all members of the Racial Equity Funders Collaborative, a small group of local arts philanthropy leaders working together to advance racial and cultural equity within our…

Is Now the Right Time to Dive into Social Enterprise?

Starting a social enterprise is not for the faint of heart. So if you are not quite ready to go off the high dive into a social enterprise, that is okay.

Becoming a High-Performance Nonprofit

High performance is the ability to deliver—over a prolonged period of time—meaningful, measurable, and financially sustainable results for the people or causes the organization is in existence to serve.

Social Enterprise COULD Be Your Next Step

Social enterprise COULD be a next step for your organization – but is also might not be.