Propel Nonprofits Announces $3.2 Million in Grants for Small, Culturally Led Nonprofits

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Minneapolis, Minn., January 11, 2023 – Propel Nonprofits has awarded $3.2 million to 56 culturally led nonprofit organizations for infrastructure funding. View the bill: Minnesota Session Laws – 2023, Regular Session, Chapter 53, Article 20, Sec. 2, Subd. 3(cc)

The latest round of Nonprofit Infrastructure Grant Program (NIGP) grants will go to 56 nonprofit organizations around the state. The funds for the program come from a state appropriation through the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (MN DEED) and were secured in partnership with the Coalition of Asian American Leaders (CAAL).

In addition to funds for building organizational infrastructure, Propel offers grantees capacity-building services, intensive technical assistance, and cohort-model learning opportunities.  Grantees will closely partner with Propel Nonprofits for grants administration including appropriately managing government funds, and associated tracking and reporting requirements. They’ll also be asked to share lessons learned through midterm and final grant reports and grantee convenings.

Naima Farah, Capacity Building Director at Propel Nonprofits said, “The impact of these grant funds cannot be overstated. Small nonprofits face barriers in accessing and managing grants with State agencies and need intensive technical assistance to gain knowledge and build their systems and policies. NIGP is an essential program for community-led nonprofits as it prepares them to work with state agencies in the future.”

In the previous grant round, 100% of the 38 grantees said they increased their understanding of administering a reimbursable grant and indicated readiness to seek state or other publicly funded opportunities in the future.

Farah added, “We extend our heartfelt thanks to legislative leaders in both the Minnesota Senate and House, as well as partners at MN DEED. Special gratitude to NIGP bill lead authors Senator Aric Putnam and Representative Samantha Sencer-Mura, NIGP advocacy partners Coalition of Asian American Leaders (CAAL), and all nonprofit collaborators. Their recognition and investments are invaluable in connecting isolated minority populations to essential services.”

Propel received 292 applications for the Nonprofit Infrastructure Grant Program during its fourth competitive open Request for Proposals (RFP) cycle. Among these, 43 organizations are located and serve the 11-county metro area, and 13 are based in and serving communities in Greater Minnesota.

Among the grantees:

  • $65,000 to Afghan Cultural Society of MN for the organization to develop internal financial controls, workflows, and staff training with a focus in federal and state law, as well as federal regulations, and leadership development to work better with governmental and complex agencies.
  • $65,000 to Maji ya Chai to hire program staff and increase hours for administrative staff, create a Human Resources and benefits plan to support more full-time employees, and build a fundraising infrastructure to support annual fundraising and capital campaign efforts.
  • $65,000 to New Roots Midwest to hire two administrative staff and one assistant project manager, and to acquire improved technology and develop a database management system.

Farah added, “NIGP grantees are a vital resource for their communities, connecting them with the essential services and support they need. When the infrastructure of these organizations is strengthened, the communities they serve benefit, and our state moves closer to reducing disparities.”

Tavyer Buechler, Capacity Building Program Manager at Propel Nonprofits said, “The selection of the 56 NIGP grantees was made possible through the collaborative efforts of 28 diverse and multi-sector leaders, including nonprofit, philanthropic, and state government representatives from across the state, who formed the NIGP grantee selection committee. This committee diligently reviewed and selected the 56 NIGP recipients.”

A full list of grantees is available here.

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