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To sustain and enhance mission impact, nonprofit organizations need insight into their organizations’ unique challenges and opportunities. But too often, critical tools like financial reports or accounting software are barriers to insights – confusing or excluding stakeholders, undermining confidence and trust, and preventing organizations from successfully planning for the future. For many leaders and organizations, taking ownership of those tools can be an “A-ha!” moment.

Propel Nonprofits is pleased to offer consulting and coaching engagements designed to equip your organization with accounting and financial tools and resources which provide insights into your financial health and empower nonprofit boards and staffs to make decisions with confidence.

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Need some technical assistance? Call our accounting helpline at 612-249-6640 or reach out to one of our nonprofit accounting specialists directly:

Accounting & Finance Services

Financial Insights Coaching

A 12-month partnership to ensure your financial tools effectively tell your organization’s story.

QuickBooks Online Set-Up

We’ll work with you to set up your QBO and adapt it to the unique needs of your nonprofit.

Nonprofit Accounting Tools

Set your organization up for success by equipping yourself with the right tools.

Free Nonprofit Accounting Helpline

Talk to one of our nonprofit accounting & finance consultants today: 612-249-6640.

Nonprofit Accounting & Bookkeeping Referrals

If you’re looking for ongoing accounting services, assistance with 990s, an audit or accounting review, we encourage you to reach out to one of these nonprofit accounting partners. Please note that this list of referrals is offered as a convenience based on recommendations from nonprofit organizations. Propel encourages organizations to complete a full review of any potential accounting provider.


Budgeting: A 10-Step Checklist

Propel Nonprofits 10-step budgeting checklist is a planning tool that reflects an organization’s programs, mission, and strategic plan.

Balance Sheet Cheat Sheet

The Propel Nonprofits Balance Sheet Cheat Sheet highlights six key measures that are useful for all types of nonprofits.

Cash Flow Primer Video

Propel Nonprofits video about cash flow to help you better understand the ebbs and flows of your organization’s cash.

Case Study

"Propel has been there for us in many important moments: they’ve connected us to other organizations, helped us troubleshoot technical issues, and worked with us and our board to feel sure about how we wanted to grow strategically."
Rodolfo Gutierrez, Executive Director, HACER


Managing Cash Flow

This webinar will help you anticipate and prepare for the ebb and flow of cash coming in and going out of your organization and identify ways to avoid and manage cash flow challenges.


True Program Costs

This workshop includes hands-on learning labs with practical exercises that will help you identify your program costs and develop realistic budgets. You will leave this workshop with tools to help you calculate program costs and move your organization to greater financial sustainability.


10-Step Budgeting Process

You will walk away from this webinar with a proven 10-step budgeting process that will engage staff and the board to ensure that your budget reflects your organization’s mission, strategic plan, and programmatic priorities.