Case Studies

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The Upton Program 

“My favorite part about this work is building relationships with the parents we have been able to connect with. We are creating a model that does not assume that our role is superior to that of those we are serving.”
Madeline Hodapp. Executive Director and Co-Founder of The Upton Program

Big Brothers Big Sisters Twin Cities

“The consultants we worked with were good about cracking us open and helping us realize how we were a little bit stuck. We had to reckon with where we were starting from and who we wanted to be.”
Pat Sukhum, Chief Executive Officer of Big Brothers Big Sisters Twin Cities

Jugaad Leadership Program

“We are ready to grow and know that we must do it sustainably. Hiring a fundraising staff will be key for the organization so we can serve more leaders and create a larger network in the community."
Eunice Adjei, Executive Director of Jugaad Leadership Program

Urban Homeworks

“A partnership with Propel is a no-brainer for us. We love working with Propel because it really feels like a partnership. We know that they understand how we operate and what our needs are.”
AsaleSol Young, Executive Director of Urban Homeworks

Hmong Early Childhood Coalition

“Propel staff helped us learn to manage our grant. And, when it was time, we also got support in understanding what we needed to do to transition into a nonprofit in our right."
Zang Vang-Lee, member and staff of HECC

Youth Leadership Initiative

"As we continue to build on different levels of leadership, we really are creating the next generation of nonprofit leaders. They are getting a great deal of experience on how to facilitate, consult, and manage an organization, which is exciting for us to see."
Nou Yang, Board Chair, YLI

Walker West Music Academy

"Music is central to healing and success for our community, especially in this time in the Twin Cities when we have dealt with both racial challenges and COVID-19."
Braxton Haulcy, Executive Director, Walker West Music Academy

Duluth Folk School

"Building together is a great way to connect with people, and it helps preserve traditions and knowledge, and also creates a more self-sufficient, sustainable, and joyful community."
Carmel DeMaioribus, Co-Founder and current Board Treasurer, Duluth Folk School

Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota

"We were in a time of great flux – and still are – when we decided to apply for a Recovery Capital Loan. We wanted to be able to create an environment where we could do our complex and often difficult work well and support our staff doing it."
Veena Iyer, Executive Director, Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota