Past Cohort Learning Initiatives

Capacity Building Initiative for Family Engagement

The 2-year Capacity Building Initiative (CBI) for Family Engagement cohort engaged 12 nonprofit or fiscally sponsored organizations in a participant-driven capacity building model to empower families in K-12 educational systems. The goal of CBI was to help participants deepen their efforts to engage families, and ultimately, create more culturally responsive, welcoming, and hospitable schools for BIPOC families by strengthening their internal capacity.

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Capacity Building Initiative: Greater Minnesota

The intent of CBI-GM was to help expand the capacity of organizations located in Greater Minnesota to advance their mission and goals.

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Equity Builder Loan Program

This program engaged with 21 arts and culture nonprofits around Minnesota to give them the financial freedom to think bigger, take risks, and thrive as cultural leaders in their communities.

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Healthy Nonprofits, Healthy Communities – Itasca County

The Healthy Nonprofits, Healthy Community program supported nonprofits in Itasca County as they strengthened their financial management, developed strong boards of directors, and learned to forge collaborations with other organizations to serve the community more effectively. This initiative provided nonprofits several opportunities to identify and act on their highest priorities for capacity building.

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Social Enterprise Accelerator Cohort

Propel Nonprofits, with support from Otto Bremer Trust, developed a social enterprise accelerator program in 2022 for Minnesota nonprofits that were developing an earned revenue stream to support the mission of their nonprofits.

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