Support Emerging Orgs on GTMD23!

Every day in Fiscal Sponsorship we get to partner with mission-driven leaders who are creating sustainable, confident organizations that uplift their communities. Propel provides these emerging organizations with resources, consulting, technical assistance, and the ability to accept charitable contributions while they work towards obtaining their own independent nonprofit status.   

I am inspired by the leaders of these new organizations; they are resilient and resourceful, and in many cases meeting the needs of a community close to them that haven’t been met before. They are in an exciting time and I’m hoping you can support them during Give to the Max Day on November 16, 2023. 

This year, 13 of our 31 fiscally sponsored organizations are participating in Give to the Max Day. We’ve pulled together a list of these organizations and their missions and hope you can help to support them as they help shape our sector and communities. The links will take you to their GiveMN fundraising pages! 

  • Anywaa Community in the Twin Cities Metro: The mission of the Anywaa Community in the Twin Cities Metro is to support the integration, well-being, and independence of community members in their communities so they live enriching lives. Let’s unite together for a better life! 
  • Believe in What’s Possible: Believe In What’s Possible (BIWP) is a youth-centered and youth-led movement that works to reveal, center, and support youth leadership in our political processes. BIWP achieves this mission through celebratory events-based organizing and workshops with an emphasis on the early vote period.  
  • Change Drivers Development: Change Drivers Education & Career Development Programs are built on a model for low-income adults and New Americans to gain access to driver’s license education, locate a reliable vehicle, and gain career development training to achieve livable wage employment.  
  • Frogtown Green: Frogtown Green works to make the Frogtown neighborhood a healthier and more beautiful place to live, work, grow and play. We focus on urban farming, community health, gardens and greening as tools for healthy neighborhood development and fun. 
  • LEAN (Lived Experience Advocacy Network): LEAN uses our collective voices, minds, and spirits to reduce misconceptions surrounding homelessness while guiding Minnesota forward to new/improved homelessness prevention and response strategies that are grounded in the experiences of the unhoused/unstably housed. 
  • MACS (Minnesotans for the American Community Survey and 2030 Census): The mission of MACS is to engage and educate a diverse public about the critical importance of reliable census data that results in an accurate decennial Census and a robust, ongoing American Community Survey (ACS). 
  • Mikayla Sarai Foundation: Through compassionate outreach, innovative education, and robust advocacy, we aim to bridge the disparities in care and comprehension as we stand as champions for health equity, believing that everyone, irrespective of their background or circumstances, should have equal access to quality healthcare and resources. 
  • Minnesota Overdose Awareness: Raising awareness of the issues surrounding opioids, overdose, and harm reduction in Minnesota. 
  • MyTurn AntiDiscrimination Advocacy: Proactive education, victim advocacy and support are the framework to dismantling systemic discrimination, harassment, and/or retaliation. 
  • One Minnesota.Org: We promise to young Americans that they will grow up with the help and guidance of caring adult relationships, healthy childhoods, safe surroundings, effective education and opportunities to serve others. 
  • SPARK Education: SPARK’s mission is to build a pathway to early education for every Saint Paul family so every child has the best opportunity to succeed in school and every family has the stable child care they need. We carry out the public education and community engagement necessary to build a shared recognition that access to early learning is a public good and should be funded accordingly. 
  • Steller Kindness Project: Steller Kindness Project’s platform is intended to share stories of kindness and give space and positive experiences for people in our community who are often overlooked, or undervalued. 
  • The Upton Program: The Upton Program provides equitable support for parenting and pregnant youth throughout Minnesota along their journey into parenthood. We focus on breaking intergenerational poverty through access to job readiness, financial literacy, and curriculum based parenting programs. 
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