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We know COVID-19 will have ripple effects for nonprofits 

While we’re glad to see the seriousness with which people and organizations are taking COVID-19, we’re keenly aware of the impact this is having and will continue to have on nonprofits. From changes to delivering services to loss of event income to other consequences still unknown, we know there are real implications for nonprofit finances, governance needs, and strategic decisions.

We’ve already received calls and emails from many of you. We’ll continue to monitor health recommendations as well as updates from the State and our philanthropic and nonprofit partners to understand what other factors nonprofits are facing and need to be planning for, along with how Propel can be adaptable and responsive to remain a supportive partner in the sector.

We’re providing no-cost technical assistance

We’ve always been here to talk with nonprofit leaders about challenges related to finance, strategy, and governance. We’re doubling down on our commitment to talking through whatever concerns or questions have arisen for you, whether you need to revise your cash flow projections, a sounding board as you strategize next steps, or guidance as a board member on how you can be most supportive.

Seriously, don’t hesitate to reach out to any of our staff. Thanks to long-standing philanthropic support, we’re grateful to be able to provide immediate assistance at no cost to nonprofits.

Office, staff, and meeting updates

Update: Our office is closed and staff will be working remotely through at least the end of April. We’ll be revisiting health recommendations and extend our remote working policy as needed.

If you had an in-person meeting scheduled with any of our staff and have not already heard from us to reschedule or move it to a Zoom meeting, please reach out. We’re still looking forward to connecting, just via video conference calls instead.

Note: We’ll also be embracing our value of having fun, especially in the face of continued uncertainty, and now feels like the right time for a hedgehog photo.

2020 Finance Conference update

You may remember that last year’s April blizzard forced us to cancel our +500-person Nonprofit Finance & Sustainability Conference. Since we were determined not to have to cancel it for a second year, we are actively working with our conference co-host, the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, to move this year’s conference to a virtual format.

We’re aiming to offer as many sessions as make sense in an online format spread across two-days (April 14 and April 21). In addition, you’ll have access to recorded versions of all sessions – it really will be a conference where you can attend all the sessions!

Please watch for further updates on MCN’s website, with more updates coming soon.

Training & other event updates

We have already canceled, postponed, or transitioned to a virtual format all trainings, events, or meetings through April 15; we’ll be assessing any others after that in the weeks to come to determine how best to offer future trainings.

Join us on March 24 for our free webinar on managing cash flow, which we know is an area of top concern for many of you.

Watch our upcoming training page for other updates.

Working capital loans for cash flow needs

If you’re facing a cash flow issue and want to explore a working capital loan, please reach out to any of our lenders.

Center your mission, and know we’re here for you

We’re all figuring this out together. As you continue to face hard decisions and uncertainty, lean into your values and center your mission, along with the people who make your work possible. Read our previous statement of how we’re using our values to make decisions through this period.

We also recommend this post from Fiscal Management Associates, “Leading your organization through a crisis: Fiscal and operational strength for facing COVID-19”.

And, one last hedgehog picture!

With gratitude and empathy,
The Propel Nonprofits team

Photo from one of our favorite Twitter feeds: @daily_hedgehog.

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