Board Self Assessment Interest Form

What is the Propel Board Self-Assessment?

The Board Assessment is a self-reported questionnaire sent to your entire board that asks board members to reflect on the 5 roles and responsibilities covered in the Fundamentals of Nonprofit Governance, along with a sixth section covering organizational culture. The Board Assessment:

  • Helps surface where the organization is doing well, and where board members feel there are opportunities for improvement
  • Assists boards in identifying priorities for themselves
  • Helps identify the next steps for continued board development

What does Propel provide?

As part of the process, a Propel Strategic Services consultant will work with you to:

  • Provide an initial consultation to plan and launch the assessment
  • Deliver a 90-minute session with your board to present the assessment findings, facilitate board conversation, and identify next steps for your board’s development
  • Deliverable: Board Self-Assessment Report that includes an overview, summary, findings and charts segmented by each of the board roles and responsibilities, and raw data results

How long does it take and what does it cost?

  • The entire process takes approximately 3-4 weeks (Typically 1-2 weeks to gather data and 1-2 weeks to compile and deliver the results)
  • The cost is $1000