Fiscal Sponsorship Primer Video

Starting a 501(c)(3) nonprofit is a bit like jumping into the deep end of the pool. It’s a lengthy and involved process that isn’t a fit for every charitable project. And, it could turn out that you don’t enjoy swimming. Or maybe the water is too cold. But once you start a nonprofit, you’re already in the water and have no choice but to swim. Fiscal sponsorship is a great alternative. Find out more about fiscal sponsorship and whether is a good fit for you.

About Propel

Propel Nonprofits is an intermediary organization and federally certified community development financial institution (CDFI). We provide capacity-building services and access to capital to support nonprofits in achieving their missions including the ability to link strategy, governance, and finance and to support nonprofits throughout their organizational lifecycle.

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  • Fiscal Sponsorship

    Propel Nonprofits’ fiscal sponsorship program works with dozens of mission-driven organizations, projects, causes, and collaborations to test drive new ideas as you build infrastructure, set goals, develop your business model, and get your big idea off the ground.