Arts & Humanities

The Museum of Russian Art

Join the Board: The Museum of Russian Art promotes understanding of the art, people and culture of Muscovite Russia, the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, and its former republics through…

Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association (NEMAA)

Join the Board: Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association (NEMAA) strengthens and supports our local artist community with resources, promotion, and fellowship.

Minnesota Guitar Society

Join the Board: Our mission is to promote the guitar in all its stylistic and cultural diversity through sponsorship of public forums, concerts, and workshops; and serve as an educational…

Foci Minnesota Center for Glass Arts (MCGA)

Join the Board: Gather people to explore the creative potential of glass.

Collide Theatrical Dance Company

Join the Board: Collide Theatrical Dance began in 2013 to tell narrative stories through contemporary dance and music for broad, multi-generational audiences. Four core values guide us: to produce original dance theater of the highest caliber, support our artists, create accessible art that reflects our multicultural communities, and help our audiences and artists feel respected and welcomed.

Chops, Inc.

Join the Board: Improving lives through music education and performing arts.