The Museum of Russian Art

Join the Board: The Museum of Russian Art promotes understanding of the art, people and culture of Muscovite Russia, the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, and its former republics through…

St. Paul Youth Services

Join the Board: To improve our community’s collective ability to engage and support Black youth by pioneering practices, creating tools, and sharing resources across the state, the country, and the…


Join the Board: Connecting donors to vetted international nonprofit agencies fighting human trafficking.

Monarch Joint Venture

Join the Board: Our mission is to protect monarchs and their migration by collaborating with partners to deliver habitat conservation, education, and science across the United States.

Minnesota Guitar Society

Join the Board: Our mission is to promote the guitar in all its stylistic and cultural diversity through sponsorship of public forums, concerts, and workshops; and serve as an educational…

Give Us Wings

Join the Board: Give Us Wings encourages, supports and partners with people living in extreme poverty in Uganda as they transform their lives and become self-sufficient through greater access to…


Join the Board: ComMUSICation’s mission is to amplify young people’s voices and cultivate skills for success through equitable access to music, collaboration, and opportunity

Chops, Inc.

Join the Board: Improving lives through music education and performing arts.