In this area, we work with nonprofit organizations at critical moments in their organization’s life to build their ability to increase impact. Our strategic services team will design this engagement to assess your organization’s current state, identify desired improvements or changes, and articulate and implement practical steps needed to boost impact. 

Our engagements integrate coaching, facilitating, and training in the organization development areas of business planning, implementation planning, financial planning, and capacity building – all areas examine critical actions needed to move your organization forward. 


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Benefits & Outcomes of Organizational Impact

  • Discern the key drivers and opportunities facing the organization  
  • Understand the implications of key decisions leadership faces  
  • Understand risks and impacts of various scenarios so you can make a more informed decision on how to move forward  
  • Create a clear roadmap for how to move forward
  • Articulate indicators of success and how to work toward them 
  • Gain clarity around roles in teams, within the organization, and on the board 
  • Connect the day-to-day operations to the broader strategy of the organization  

Organizational Impact Projects

Organizational impact projects are unique to each organization, and we will tailor an integrated solution to fit your nonprofit’s current needs and opportunities. As a experienced thought partner, we will work alongside you to create actionable steps pulling from resources and planning approaches Propel uses as a capacity builder.  

Business planning

Financial planning

Implementation planning

Capacity building