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Please join us in celebrating new and newly promoted staff whose leadership and expertise will help shape programming, strengthen our infrastructure, and continue to ensure Propel is championing nonprofits.

“I am excited about the investments we are making in our staff across the organization, and am thrilled to be welcoming Jonathan, Tavyer, Allie, and Ibrahim and celebrating our newly promoted staff. Their passion, experience, and expertise will help us continue to champion nonprofits and foster a culture of belonging.”  Kate Barr, President & CEO

Jonathan Brown, Vice President & Chief Program Officer

Jonathan Brown joined Propel at the end of March 2023. Jonathan will oversee all programming at Propel. His life’s mission is to “empower people to do their best work,” through an engaging, witty, and inspiring message that challenges leaders to reflect on themselves, their motivations, and ask piercing questions about the ways they treat and support others. Read his bio >>>

“I am so excited to work with this talented team. Many times in my career I’ve been tasked with building things or fixing systems in need of repair. This isn’t the case with Propel. I see an exciting opportunity to focus on taking people from good to great.” – Jonathan Brown, Propel VP & CPO 

Ibrahim Owolabi, Senior Human Resources Manager

Ibrahim has 10 years of Human Resource experience and has extensive business and practice expertise of HR. He is also a talented advisor on diversity and equity issues. Ibrahim holds a master’s degree in human resources management from Georgetown University, Washington D.C, and he is GPHR certified by the Human Resources Certification Institute. Read his bio>>>

Allison Wagstrom, Senior Lender and Financial Specialist

Allison has rejoined the staff at Propel, having worked with with us until 2019, and we are thrilled she has returned as a lender, financial specialist, and trainer. Allie has served as a CFO for a variety of arts organizations in the Twin Cities. It is her vision to build anti-racist financial and operational systems that are scalable, measurable, and repeatable. Read her bio>>>

Tavyer Buechler, Capacity Building Initiatives Program Manager

Tavyer has worked in the nonprofit sector for over 20 years with Housing, Community Development, and Human Service organizations. His history with program development, community engagement, program evaluation, mentoring and inclusive team building is an asset to the CBI team. Read his bio>>>

Garrett Backes, Senior Director of Advancement

Garrett joined Propel in 2020 and throughout his tenure has been a strategic thought partner to program staff and leadership. His role as Senior Director of Advancement is reflective of his leadership of fundraising and vision to ensure Propel remains a go-to partner for nonprofits. Read his bio>>>

Dave Nozal, Director of Information Technology

Dave has been with Propel in 2020 and was recently promoted to director due to his leadership in ensuring Propel’s IT and Data functions are handled with the utmost care and most up-to-date security. Dave’s work has ensured a hybrid office environment is accessible and possible for all staff. Read his bio>>>

Laura Ciotti, Senior Fiscal Sponsorship Program Manager

Laura joined Propel in 2022. She has worked in a variety of nonprofit roles including arts management, direct service, philanthropy, and nonprofit capacity building. She is especially great at connecting nonprofits with resources and has been a dedicated partner to emerging organizations in her role. Read her bio>>>

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