Hmong Early Childhood Coalition

The Hmong Early Childhood Coalition’s work started long before they joined Propel’s fiscal sponsorship program in 2017. In 2006, a group of parents, professionals, and school staff came together discuss how to best support Hmong children in school and in their community. As the group continued to host summits, they eventually established themselves as the Hmong Early Childhood Coalition (HECC) in 2014.  The organization identified three areas: translation and dissemination of information, bridging families to services, and advocacy and systems change.

In their words, “HECC is a grassroots, community-based organization dedicated to sharing research and evidence-based practices on early learning.  HECC partners with families and community agencies in providing education and advocacy to optimize early learning for Hmong children.”

In 2017, the group came to Propel because they needed a fiscal sponsor.  Propel was highly recommended by another nonprofit.

“The staff at Propel were friendly and I felt like they were willing to be our partner and help us grow,” Zang Vang-Lee, a member and staff of HECC, said.

In 2020, the organization secured a large state grant which they have managed in partnership with Propel.

“Propel staff helped us learn to manage our grant. And, when it was time, we also got support in understanding what we needed to do to transition into a nonprofit in our right,” Vang-Lee said.

In the past three years, the organization developed and eventually grew their programming, infrastructure, and fundraising functions. They have expanded their programs and services such as training, community conversations, Family, Friend and Neighbor Network, and outreach. In November 2023, the organization received it’s 501c3 status and will off-board from Propel’s fiscal sponsorship program.