Fiscal Sponsorship

Hmong Early Childhood Coalition

“Propel staff helped us learn to manage our grant. And, when it was time, we also got support in understanding what we needed to do to transition into a nonprofit in our right."
Zang Vang-Lee, member and staff of HECC

Youth Leadership Initiative

"As we continue to build on different levels of leadership, we really are creating the next generation of nonprofit leaders. They are getting a great deal of experience on how to facilitate, consult, and manage an organization, which is exciting for us to see."
Nou Yang, Board Chair, YLI

Sahan Journal

"Our communities of color and immigrant communities deserve high quality journalism so they can see themselves reflected well. It is important for the public narrative around these communities to chronicle how they are transforming the state in terms of day-to-day life, elections, and more."
Mukhtar Ibrahim, Editor, Sahan Journal

The CREW Urban Youth Equestrians

"I keep thinking about how in the first few weeks of programming, one of our youth taught me that grass is sweet-tasting, and that’s why the horse was eating it. There is something so important about being connected to a place, especially after what our kids have been through during the pandemic and following the murder of George Floyd."
Kenatia Gilmer, Founding Board Member, The CREW Urban Youth Equestrians

Urban Bird Collective

"I knew Propel had the support we needed when it was time for us to grow,” Bryand said. “This organization isn’t about me; it is about our leaders, and I want us to have the skills and tools we need to grow."
Monica Bryand, Founder, Urban Bird Collective

Able To Vote

"Eliminating barriers to voting is the minimum; we are working to make sure people with disabilities feel welcome in the voting booth."
Grace Littlefield, Founder and Executive Director, Able to Vote

Love Labor Project

"Fiscal sponsorship was a strategic decision we made to grow at the right rate, and to lay the groundwork of a transparent process for budgeting, designing programming, and sharing in governance."
Rachel Austin Bernstein, Founder and Co-Executive Director, Love Labor Project

Revolutionary Earth

"Food insecurity is not a physical condition only; it is a psychological condition. It creates a lot of mental issues and consequences, especially in children. Our subscribers are never going to have to doubt that we are going to deliver."
Christopher Brenna, Founder, Revolutionary Earth

Partnerships for Permanence

"Fiscal sponsorship has provided us with the structure, system and the plan to do this work. You can have the passion for the work, but you need to have a system to sustain it."
Lola Adebara, Founder and CEO, Partnerships for Permanence