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Bolder Options

"A relationship that’s deep typically doesn’t get broken. A mentee might give up, but we don’t give up on them."
Darrell Thompson, President, Bolder Options

Northside Economic Opportunity Network

"We knew [working with Propel Nonprofits] would get us further faster toward our mission. It’s an investment that’s going to pay off, honestly, in the near-term, not even the long-term."
Lynn Farmer, Board Chair, Northside Economic Opportunity Network

Minnesota Center for Book Arts

"Propel Nonprofits gave us permission to save, and to integrate that into the organization’s DNA and culture – ‘hoard cash’ is our new mantra!"
Amanda Kaler, Interim Executive Director, Minnesota Center for Book Arts

Cradle of Hope

"The quality of our vision for carrying out our mission has improved, and our growth potential has been boosted."
Christ Vatsaas, Board Chair, Cradle of Hope