Strategic Services

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Old School Art Center

"Even when you think that you are doing OK, it isn't until you go through the board development process that the full board has the opportunity to engage in active strategy and goal creation."
Linda Kvasnicka, Board Member, Old School Art Center

Lake Street Council

"It can be hard to prioritize board development when you've got programs to run and a grant application due by 4:00 pm on Friday. Working with Propel helped us take a vague notion that our board could be more engaged and effective, and helped us break it down into manageable chunks."
Allison Sharkey, Executive Director, Lake Street Council

JK Movement

"For an organization like us still in a growth phase, if you don’t have support or the opportunity to apply for upfront loans like we were able to get from Propel, it can be hard to continue to grow."
Johnny Allen, Executive Director, JK Movement

Elpis Enterprises

"The trajectory is long – it can take people a long time to get where they want to go. Part of that is getting kids on a journey that they’ll enjoy, and that they choose."
Paul Ramsour, Executive Director, Elpis Enterprises

Interfaith Caregivers of Polk County

"Taking the time to pause, look ahead, and focus together has fired us up to get stuff done!"
Karen Krupa, Program Director, Interfaith Caregivers

Foster Advocates

"Propel doesn’t take on projects that aren’t values-driven and that aren’t looking for a true change. That’s why I went with Propel."
Hoang Murphy, Founder/Executive Director, Foster Advocates

VSA Minnesota

"This confirms what I’ve thought: our mission has gotten out there. Individuals, organizations, the press, and others get that yeah, people with disabilities should have access to the arts."
Craig Dunn, Executive Director, VSA Minnesota


"What this approach and grant has done is empower marginalized communities and people who run organizations on their behalf."
Kevin Robinson, Executive Director, ANEW BAM

Mewinzha Ondaadiziike Wiigaming

"We offer maternal/child health services in a nontraditional clinical setting to bridge western medicine with traditional cultural activities and teachings."
Natalie Nicholson, Nurse and Doula, Mewinzha Ondaadiziike Wiigaming