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Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota

"We were in a time of great flux – and still are – when we decided to apply for a Recovery Capital Loan. We wanted to be able to create an environment where we could do our complex and often difficult work well and support our staff doing it."
Veena Iyer, Executive Director, Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota

Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association

"We can scale up if more funding becomes available, but I need to know we can remain stable if something falls through or an income generator underperforms."
Anna Becker, Executive Director, NEMAA

Twin Cities Diversity in Practice

"I was getting bogged down in very technical things and forgetting the bigger decision making and thinking about how our finances align with our mission."
Summra M. Shariff, Executive Director, Twin Cities Diversity in Practice

Grand Marais Art Colony

"I think for many women in leadership roles, there can be a sense of imposter syndrome when it comes to finances. This has been both a good affirmation of ‘you really do know what you’re talking about’ while at the same time giving me some good tools in terms of communicating."
Lyla Brown, Executive Director, Grand Marais Art Colony

The SEAD Project

"A movement elder reminded me that the act and process of storytelling aren’t actually healing, it’s the reframing that’s healing."
Chanida Phaengdara Potter, Executive Director & Community Architect, The SEAD Project

Commonweal Theatre Company

"The cohort experience of the program has been incredibly valuable in that it allows me and encourages me to connect with peers that otherwise I almost never have a chance to."
Hal Cropp, Executive Director, Commonweal Theatre Company

826 MSP

"The chance to be with leaders of organizations of similar-sized budgets and working from a similar place has been really nice. As an ED, you’re in the middle of everything and also all alone."
Samantha Sencer-Mura, Executive Director, 826 MSP

Minnesota Fringe

"Sometimes being an executive director – and how I imagine it’s like being an artistic director – feels very lonely, especially in a small organization."
Dawn Bentley, Executive Director, Minnesota Fringe

Itasca Life Options

"Getting involved in Propel’s trainings was one of the most crucial things for me as a new nonprofit leader."
Lisa Lassen, Executive Director, Itasca Life Options