Fiscal Sponsorship

Propel’s fiscal sponsorship program works with dozens of mission-driven organizations, projects, causes, and collaborations annually to build infrastructure, set goals, and develop sustainable business models. During the application process, you’ll investigate what stage your mission-driven idea is in, and what the best next steps for you to do good work in your community are. As a fiscal sponsor, we partner with individuals or groups looking to advance their causes and uplift their communities to give them the tools and building blocks to run a nonprofit. You can see who we’re currently partnering with here.

Fiscal Sponsorship Criteria

  • Statement of Intent aligns with Propel Nonprofits mission, vision, and values
  • Experience or connection to the community you plan to serve and partner with
  • Market analysis to ensure no one else is already doing this work
  • You’ve dipped your toes in the water and have already taken some action
  • Located in Minnesota, adjacent areas in the surrounding states, or within Native Nations that share this geography, although programming can occur outside of these areas.
  • Priority is given to Minnesota or within Native Nations that share this geography”
  • Will apply funds raised toward nonprofit purposes with a clear charitable mission
  • Incorporated or willing to incorporate as a charitable organization and secure an EIN
  • Has a plan, or is working on one, to achieve financial viability and programmatic success

Projects engaged in the following activities are ineligible for sponsorship

  • Designed primarily to benefit an individual or business (non-charitable)
  • International activities involving financial transactions
  • Raising funds through charitable gambling
  • Mental health care, medical services, personal care, or childcare as a core service
  • Those that require exceptional governmental oversight and licensing
  • Organizations that have already received their 501(c)(3) status

What is Fiscal Sponsorship?

Client Case Study

Urban Bird Collective

“I knew Propel had the support we needed when it was time for us to grow. This organization isn’t about me; it is about our leaders, and I want us to have the skills and tools we need to grow.”

Monica Bryand, Founder of Urban Bird Collective