For nonprofits facing a cash flow challenge, reach out to any of our loan officers to discuss a working capital emergency loan. 

We make loans to a wide range of nonprofits of different sizes and fields of service. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Minnesota and the adjacent states of Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota, and Native nations sharing this geography are eligible to apply. For us, it is more than a loan. Every nonprofit is unique. Mission, program mix, funding streams, and business models all impact what kind of loan will work best. Built on our knowledge of nonprofits and their business models, our lending team determines the best approach to meet your needs, and sticks with you to address challenges.

Our lenders are available to talk through any questions you have about the lending process and what might be right for your organization. Reach out to them today.

Two women at a pharmacy looking at computer screen
Lending Client Case Study

Third Street Clinic

“When it comes to a human life, I have a problem not solving the easy questions, like what they should be asking their physician, or what dietary changes could lead to reductions or elimination of some medications.”

Kristen Sanders, Executive Director, Third Street Clinic