Case Studies

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Love Labor Project

"Fiscal sponsorship was a strategic decision we made to grow at the right rate, and to lay the groundwork of a transparent process for budgeting, designing programming, and sharing in governance."
Rachel Austin Bernstein, Founder and Co-Executive Director, Love Labor Project

Revolutionary Earth

"Food insecurity is not a physical condition only; it is a psychological condition. It creates a lot of mental issues and consequences, especially in children. Our subscribers are never going to have to doubt that we are going to deliver."
Christopher Brenna, Founder, Revolutionary Earth

Partnerships for Permanence

"Fiscal sponsorship has provided us with the structure, system and the plan to do this work. You can have the passion for the work, but you need to have a system to sustain it."
Lola Adebara, Founder and CEO, Partnerships for Permanence

Great River Shakespeare Festival

"For me, a big plus was I felt like Propel was really a partner with me, and looking not just at our cash needs, but really at how we organize into the future."
Aaron Young, Managing Director, Great River Shakespeare Festival

Camp Noah

"Propel was able to assist us in finding ways to make our ideas a reality, and do it in a very sensible way, not only in terms of human resources but also in a way that makes financial sense."
Kim Dettmer, Senior Director for Disaster Services and Camp Noah

Change Inc.

"We’re no longer thinking about our programming as separate from finance. I feel so much more resourced than we were at the end of the year."
Jody Nelson, Executive Director, Change Inc.

Third Street Clinic

"When it comes to a human life, I have a problem not solving the easy questions, like what they should be asking their physician, or what dietary changes could lead to reductions or elimination of some medications."
Kristen Sanders, Executive Director, Third Street Clinic

Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association

"We can scale up if more funding becomes available, but I need to know we can remain stable if something falls through or an income generator underperforms."
Anna Becker, Executive Director, NEMAA

Aurora Waasakone Community of Learners

"Even across the distance of us being near Bemidji and Propel being based in the Twin Cities, [Phil] was great about making things electronic and getting money in our bank account quickly."
Anna Wallin, Co-Founder & Director, Aurora Waasakone Community of Learners