Capacity Building Initiative

Jugaad Leadership Program

“We are ready to grow and know that we must do it sustainably. Hiring a fundraising staff will be key for the organization so we can serve more leaders and create a larger network in the community."
Eunice Adjei, Executive Director of Jugaad Leadership Program

Ayada Leads

"In our cohort gathering, we learned that sustainability is more of a journey than a destination. As the leader of our organization, I will put my focus on investing in the right people, establishing great partnerships, raising unrestricted funds, and implementing programs that will help our communities flourish."
Habon Abdulle, Executive Director, Ayada Leads

Sahan Journal

"Our communities of color and immigrant communities deserve high quality journalism so they can see themselves reflected well. It is important for the public narrative around these communities to chronicle how they are transforming the state in terms of day-to-day life, elections, and more."
Mukhtar Ibrahim, Editor, Sahan Journal