Strategic Services

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Big Brothers Big Sisters Twin Cities

“The consultants we worked with were good about cracking us open and helping us realize how we were a little bit stuck. We had to reckon with where we were starting from and who we wanted to be.”
Pat Sukhum, Chief Executive Officer of Big Brothers Big Sisters Twin Cities

Duluth Folk School

"Building together is a great way to connect with people, and it helps preserve traditions and knowledge, and also creates a more self-sufficient, sustainable, and joyful community."
Carmel DeMaioribus, Co-Founder and current Board Treasurer, Duluth Folk School

PRIME Productions

"We focused our board to see what our needs were, but also giving us a path to achieve the goals we have in place as an organization."
Alison Edwards, Co-Artistic Director, PRIME Productions

The L.I.S.T.E.N. Center

"I wouldn’t be where I am without Propel. The team has been patient and thoughtful as we build out a plan for where I need to grow, and what I need from my board, and vice-versa, in order to create a stronger and more resilient organization."
Christy Potts, Executive Director, The L.I.S.T.E.N. Center

Hopewell Music Cooperative North

"We received advice for how to effectively partner with the board and offer support through board development, and as an organization we were able to pivot and be responsive when the pandemic began."
Andrea Myers, Executive Director, Hopewell Music Cooperative North

Camp Noah

"Propel was able to assist us in finding ways to make our ideas a reality, and do it in a very sensible way, not only in terms of human resources but also in a way that makes financial sense."
Kim Dettmer, Senior Director for Disaster Services and Camp Noah

Change Inc.

"We’re no longer thinking about our programming as separate from finance. I feel so much more resourced than we were at the end of the year."
Jody Nelson, Executive Director, Change Inc.

Better Futures Minnesota

"Propel’s partnership was extremely helpful to my organization and it instantly increased confidence in myself, in my staff, and in my board that we were doing the right thing."
Dr. Thomas Adams, President & CEO, Better Futures Enterprises

WE WIN Institute

"The board development work we did with Amanda [Ziebell Mawanda] at Propel literally gave our board members the tools to start leading the organization and not just following the lead of the staff or executive director."
Sindiswa Georgiades, WE WIN Institute